Run Happy: The Rundown on Thanksgiving with 11 Runners

Want to run happy more often? 
You know...

  • Easy-breezy miles
  • All the good vibes for getting it done
  • A well of encouragement & motivation you can draw on when you need it
  • And the ability to appreciate the good people, stuff, and experiences in your life, even when things aren't always perfect

Here's a little secret that has nothing to do with running, that can help you...
Be thankful. It's that simple.
In your running life, what/who are you thankful for?

Here's what 11 members of the WeeViews community had to say...

1. David Holland

The Rut finisher & founder of the podcast: A Runner's Mind

🙏Overcoming an injury + family & friends

"I am extremely thankful this year for many different reasons. 

  • Last year, I injured my knee and was unable to run for quite a while. I gained weight and was unable to train. 
  • I have successfully overcome my knee injury and have lost weight and have been able to train again. 
  • I am running and training again to try and finally qualify for the Boston Marathon. I am very thankful to have a healthy body.  

I am thankful for my family and friends' support in my running journey.

  • They know how much running means to me, and they support my training and races. 
  • I share running with my family, as my wife and children are now participating in races. 
  • I feel like running has brought my family together even closer. I have also grown closer to some of my friends that are runners, because we are able to share our training, races, and journey together through conversation, even running together.  

Lastly, I am thankful for my running community.

  • I have gained a lot of important advice that some of the running community has shared with me. 
  • I have been able to help others by sharing my experiences. 
  • I also have started a running podcast called “A Runner’s Mind” where am able to have others share their stories and experiences to the running world. 
  • The running community around me is very important because I am able to connect with others in my different areas, which helps me in my own running journey.  

I have lots to be thankful for this year, but overall, I am thankful for what running truly means to me in my life."

2. Abby Lock

🙏Body & mind + my partner

"For me, running itself is an act of gratitude...

  • For a healthy body
  • For a strong mind, and...
  • For the connection it offers to extraordinary places and people

Every time that I head out the door for a run I try to remind myself of how amazing it is that I GET to do this—even on the toughest days.
I’m grateful for my partner (and beastly athlete) Josh, who inspires me, and for my loving family who supports my crazy passion without question.
I’m also grateful to be a part of the welcoming and supportive WeeViews community!"

3. Suzanne Swanson

🙏Lessons learned running from mailbox to mailbox

"In my running life I am thankful for the road and its ability to be my teacher...

  • The love
  • The lessons
  • The listening ear
  • The strength
  • The friend it has been to me on some of my most difficult days have been a joy and a privilege. 

I’m thankful for my body and it’s ability to heal and function despite what I put it through. 
Movement and running is a gift.  What a season to be thankful for it!"

4. Jennifer Ziegler

Runs every single day to honor fallen heroes

🙏Running community & camaraderie

"I am so thankful for so many things. 
But most important to me is my running community and our camaraderie. 
We get through our trainings and do hard things because we support each other.

5. Keith Callaway Jr.

Business owner, ultrarunner & former drug addict

🙏Running friends & adventures

"I’m so grateful to have an outlet that my body can do and my mind can get energized from.

I am grateful for a group of friends that when we meet up to run it’s always a boost to my life.

  • We talk about life, kids, relationships and work. 
  • It’s the best feeling knowing we have common problems and all of us are committed to being solution minded. 
  • Many runs turn into productive problem solving sessions!

And when one of us has a bright idea. (Which our spouses think are silly) usually we can get others to join! Like 100 milers or a group run around Mt. Hood's Timberline Trail in Oregon on a 12-hour notice!"

6. Jeremy Pietzold

Run streak = 2,555 days and still going...

🙏Wife & kids

"I've ran at least 1 mile a day for 2,555 days.
Today [Thanksgiving Day], I will complete seven years and start on my eighth year run streak.
I'm thankful for my wife and kids.

7. Joshua Nichelson

🏃‍♂️7. Joshua Nichelson

3x marathon finisher, dad, believer

🙏The ability to run + friends

"In my life as a runner, I am thankful for the gift that God gave me that motivated me to become a runner.
"I'm also thankful for all of the wonderful friends I have met through running that have also motivated me to the finish line of any run and the determination to continue."

8. Brynn Cunningham

WeeViews ambassador, ultrarunner, yoga instructor

🙏Running friends, Trail Run Tribe + family

"In my running life, I am most thankful for all the people I've met through running and the relationships I've made from my early days on the track and trails until now."
"I'm thankful for the best friends I've made through the Trail Run Tribe.
I'm also thankful for the family support I get from my sons, who also love to run, and my husband, who's always up for a running adventure."

9. John Calabrese

Ultrarunner & Barkley Marathon junkie

🙏Shout out to my Mom

"I am so thankful for my Mom. 

  • She’s always pushed me to run when I’ve been in the lowest places of my life. 
  • She always supports me and shared her love for running even at an early age getting in runs as a busy single mom.

I am the luckiest son in the world to have my Mom and always grateful she exposed me to running. 
I do the same for my daughter as she did for me and we all run together.

10. Anne Crispino-Taylor

Ultrarunner & cancer survivor

🙏My ultrarunning friend Lynette McDougal

"I'm thankful for my dear friend Lynette McDougal...

  • She introduced me to ultrarunning. 
  • My first race was the Mt. Ashland Hillclimb in Oregon, and we ran it together. 
  • My first ultra was SOB 50K in Ashland, Ore., and we ran that together as well, but I finished ahead of her. 
  • I paced her at the Pine to Palm 100 in Oregon, when she had major shoe issues, but still finished.
  • And she paced me at IMTUF (Idaho Mountain Trail Ultra Festival) which was my 10th hundred before turning 60. 
  • I also paced her to her finish at Waldo 100K, a year after we both DNFed. 
  • And she came out from Idaho to pace me at Western States Endurance Run in 2011, and she didn't let me quit."
11. David Moore

Ultrarunner & WeeViews co-founder

🙏Friendships & adventures

In my running journey, I'm profoundly grateful for the places it has taken me and the extraordinary friendships forged through shared adventures. 

Each event has not only been a test of endurance but a celebration of community.
Running has become my passport to connect with remarkable individuals and explore the diverse landscapes of the country.
And in the spirit of camaraderie, let's not forget the first annual 4th of July Casey Koza Invitational Beer Mile!1

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