WeeViews is an online community dedicated to sharing ideas and feedback on gear, events, and locations between members with similar interests.

The Problem

Existing consumer and user product reviews created by anonymous sources do not demonstrate credibility or personal experience. Misinformation and deception are common through interested parties creating biased or even false reviews.

The Solution

WeeViews allows users a forum to demonstrate their credibility by creating a profile and linking to their existing social media networks. Once credibility is established through digital profiles, short format “micro reviews” or WeeViews will carry more weight than if they were otherwise anonymous.

How it works

Two levels of reviews, a WeeView and a Full Review. Anyone can share reviews, and everyone can like and comment on other reviews.


A picture is worth a thousand words. A WeeView is a photo driven impression of a piece of gear, event, or location. This could be the initial unboxing of a new pair of running shoes, the finish line of the Boston Marathon or the moment of summit to the top of a mountain peak.

Full Review

A full review is a more thorough evaluation of a piece of gear, event, or location. It is anticipated that the reviewer has ample user experience and unique feedback to share with the community. The Full Review can be used for a more in-depth take on running shoes, a recap of the Boston Marathon experience or a trip report on reaching a mountain summit.

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Build Influence through creation of reviews that others find useful. Influence is established through creating quality reviews that are indicated by others as helpful. A higher Influence score will make you and your reviews more visible on the site and within the community.

Earning Influence
  • Number of Followers: +5 per follower
  • Post a WeeView: +2
  • First Gear WeeView Bonus: +5
  • WeeView voted helpful: +5
  • Post a Full Review: +10
  • First Gear Full Review Bonus: +10
  • Full Review voted helpful: +10

Site Ambassadors are individuals who contribute above and beyond to the community. All members that share an interest in an Ambassador’s activity, automatically follow that Ambassador. This makes the Ambassador highly visible within the community for their activity of expertise. Ambassadors are responsible for engaging the community through relative articles, conversations, gear reviews, trip reports and more.


Site Moderators make significant contributions to the site. As a Moderator, individuals aid in the responsibility to keep WeeViews an enjoyable place for all its members by flagging or removing inappropriate users and content. Those willing to serve the community as a Moderator are asked to contact WeeViews directly for consideration.

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