What is WeeViews All About?

WeeViews gets right to the heart of the running experience through micro-reviews on all the gear, events, gadgets, and nutrition that take us from Point A to Point B. No brand bias or blanket statements to be found!

Together we can create a database of grassroots opinions that cut through brand bias and help runners explore their options.

Running may look like a solo sport on the surface, but the truth is that none of us can do it on our own. We all need support systems to lean on for advice and encouragement. The WeeViews community can be that system for you.

Every review that you write helps support other runners. No two runners are alike, but we can all learn something from every runner that we meet. Make your mark on the running community with your opinions, and learn from the experiences of other runners around you.

Our bite-sized approach makes it easy to both share your thoughts and learn from others, building community along the way through snapshot views into each of our unique running journeys.

What’s a WeeView?

WeeViews ("wee" reviews) get right to the point for the most efficient use of your valuable time, for both the reviewer and the reader. Think Twitter meets reviews: your opinions wrapped up in 250 characters with an action shot to match. This means no beating around the bush, just a straight shot to your honest thoughts. After all, most of us don't run for a living and our spare time is much better spent, well... running!

But don’t worry, there’s still the option to take it further for that special piece of gear or mind-blowing race that you couldn’t shut up about if you tried. Go with a “Full Review” instead to go into more detail and rave or critique to your heart’s content.

Share Your Story, Share Yourself

Every runner is different, so we want to know what works (and doesn’t work) for you. Crafting authentic and unbiased reviews means tapping into our individuality.

  • What makes you tick?
  • What motivates you?
  • What gives you confidence?

The gear you choose and the races you run depend on the answers to each of these questions. Each review that you write gives us a peek into who you are as a runner.

We encourage everyone at WeeViews to put a face to the name. Personalized photos and descriptions add meaning to your opinions. Take it a step further and show off your expertise through links to your social channels, blogs, and websites to connect with the community.

Get Started With WeeViews

To start sharing and learning, simply create a profile and write your first review. Each WeeView and Full Review adds Star Points to your name. When other runners upvote your reviews or follow your profile, you earn additional Star Points that help increase your visibility throughout the WeeViews community. Earn enough Star Points and enter the ranks of the WeeViews Rising Stars. Rising Stars are eligible for sponsorship and free gear opportunities through WeeViews.

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