Enter the Ranks of the WeeViews Rising Stars

There's value in any level of participation with WeeViews. But if you're looking to advance your running career while also making a difference in the running community. you'll want to build your way up to Rising Star status to open up sponsorship and free gear opportunities through WeeViews.

Qualification as a Rising Star

To qualify as a WeeViews Rising Star, you'll need to build a base of at least 50 Star Points. Each contribution that you make to the WeeViews community earns new points.

  • WeeView: +2
  • Full Review: +10
  • Receive a New Follower: +2
  • Receive an Upvote on a WeeView or Full Review: +2
  • Publish a Rundown Blog Post: +10
  • Contribute to Rundown or Social: +5

What It Means to Be a Rising Star

WeeViews Rising Stars earn our appreciation by proving themselves through high quality reviews that help other runners sift through the noise when it comes to making smart gear and race choices.

In exchange for all the effort, WeeViews will handpick Rising Stars who shine the brightest to receive sponsored gear and/or race funds as fuel for ongoing reviews. All we ask is that you keep up the same patterns that won us over in the first place. After all, WeeViews is here for the long haul - and we're after people that are ready to stand by us along the way.

How to Catch Our Eye

  • Including at least one Full Review in your reviews portfolio
  • Reviewing a variety of running gear and events
  • Showing enthusiasm for the WeeViews platform
  • Sharing a unique perspective with the WeeViews community
  • Promoting the WeeViews platform in your personal running circles
  • Upholding a clear commitment to the running lifestyle
  • Demonstrating a thorough understanding of running, training, racing, and gear

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