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Men's Brooks Ghost 14

Smoother and softer than ever, the Ghost continues to be one of our most-loved shoes. This men’s running shoe takes advantage of our advanced cushioning technology, giving you a soft, smooth ride from start to finish.

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All the new color combinations topped with an improved fit from the previous version, I mean what is there not to love about them. 

The Ghost 14 are an amazing shoe. These shoes offer cushion along with a firmness that doesn’t make me feel like I am running on a marshmallow. These are a definite upgrade from the Ghost 14. Good reliable shoe.

Smooth ride, well built. A bit more room in the toe box than the 13s, a little less of a snug feel. Can’t really take them off pavement as much as the 13s either. Love that they are carbon neutral. Solid pavement shoe

Perfect for the easy recovery runs after a long workout or just some long easy miles on a Saturday. Either way you can’t go wrong with the ghost 14, both stylish and comfortable 

Great supportive shoe that helps prevent plantar fasciitis on longer runs. Fabric tearing on toe box after only 150-200 miles. 

Great durable shoe. Put about 450 miles on them. They are still holding up we'll. Only downside about them is not as cushioned as some other shoes I've tried. 

Brooks Ghost 14 are my go to running shoe. They are perfect for me and don’t cause me blisters. While l do change the insole, l can’t envision running in a shoe other than the Brooks Ghost!

Ghost 14s are my go to running shoe for road running. From training to Fulls. The comfort is unbelievable and the grip is outstanding even on snow covered roads. Consider the Ghosts for your road running shoe. 

I love the Brooks ghost 14 shoe. As a runner, I typically put in around 50 miles a week and love the durability of the shoe. As a podiatrist, I love that I can recommend the shoe for patients who need cushioning and quality.

I've had these for over a year, my first pair of real running shoes. I love them! Comfy, supportive, and NYC themed! (They are the same as the regular Ghost 14, just with the limited edition design on them.) Highly recommend!

The best yet! I have now owned and run in three pairs of different Brooks Ghost running shoes. I bought my first pair of  Ghost 11s in 2020, my second pair Ghost 12s in 2021, and my current pair of Ghost 14s in 2022. The 14s are by far the best!

Purchased as replacements for my long suffering Kinvara 11s. Really good feel all around. Very light yet snug on the ankles. I am primarily a road runner and the tread really grips when it gets wet or icy out there. Great mid range shoes!

My go-to daily trainer for marathon & half marathon training.  Love the durability and comfort of the Ghost and use for all types of runs.