Pikes Peak Marathon and Ascent

Date:  2023-09-16
Distance:  13.1, 26.2, 39.52
City:  Manitou Springs
Registration Cost:  N/A
State:  Colorado
Hosted By:  N/A
  • The community that participated in this is extremely uplifting. There are also a number of things to do in the area making it a great destination/vacation race. There are frequent aid stations and snacks.
  • No bathrooms - trail race. You have to reach checkpoint by a certain time, and must turn around if you do not. So if you do not make it to Mike marker 9 in time, you have to walk down the mountain 9 miles rather than finishing just four more to the top.

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Annual Trail Race that requires a qualifying race time or a previous completion of the race under the course limit. Over 7,000 feet of elevation gain and the Ascent is 13.3 miles long. Continue Reading...

One of the most difficult, beautiful and inspiring races there is!