Erie Marathon at Presque Isle

Flat, Fast & Fun. The Erie Marathon race course is ideal for setting your personal best record. Flat, Fast & Fun, our course provides beautiful views of Lake Erie as well as the City of Erie Bayfront and miles of coastline beaches, marshes and wooded paths. Held on Presque Isle, in Erie, PA, many of our participants return year after year to run in our race and enjoy the natural beauty our location provides.
Date:  2023-09-10
Distance:  26.2
City:  Erie
Registration Cost:  100
State:  PA
Hosted By:  Erie Runner's Club
  • Perfectly timed for last chance at Boston Qualifier
  • Fast and flat course, lots of shade and little elevation
  • Scenic course with beautiful views
  • Friendly volunteers
  • September weather is chancy
  • Need to walk to the start
  • Little crowd support for much of the race

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It does what it says on the tin. This is a low budget, well organized affair. If you're looking for an early fall race to have a last chance at a Boston qualifier - this is it. Fast and flat course, nice views, and friendly volunteers. Continue Reading...