6 Running Shoe Brands Share Insider Secrets for the Perfect Fit

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at major running shoe brands?

You know...like how they make decisions about:

  • Research and development
  • Shoe testing
  • Design features
  • Updates
  • Colorways
  • And more...

Check out these insider secrets from SIX running shoe brands.

1. On

What's the back story behind On running shoes, and where is this running shoe brand headed?

Check out this interview with  On running shoe rep Jason Shaver + get his top FIVE shoe picks for running roads, trails, and everything in between.

👉Get On insider-secrets HERE.

2. Brooks

If you want to know the secret behind the "Run Happy" message by the running shoe brand Brooks, check out this interview with Product Line Manager Brittany Gleaton.

Find out how the Brooks Launch series was saved from the chopping block, and get Brittany's top 5 picks from the Brooks lineup.

👉Get Brooks insider-secrets HERE. 

3. Topo

Want to know what natural running feels like? 

There's the Chris-McDougal-way of running barefoot described in his popular book Born to Run.

But if that's just too minimalist, you'll want to check out the interview with Topo shoe rep Casey McCombs.

He serves up some behind-the-scenes details about:

  • What happens at Topo
  • One of the running shoe brand's most recent releases
  • Topo's best-selling shoe of all time
  • And more!

 👉Get Topo insider-secrets HERE

4. Newton

Do a Google search for "runner Harvey Lewis" and you'll quickly discover he's been setting ultradistance records for all the major races.

He even won the brutally hot and challenging Badwater 135 Ultramarathon in Death Valley, Calif.

His shoe of choice: Newton.

Check out this interview with Newton Running Company Product Manager Laura Tingle and get insider info on:

  • The Harvey Lewis partnership
  • Newton's unique design features
  • The running shoe brand's wear-tester process
  • And more.

  👉Get Newton insider-secrets HERE

5. Altra

"Running doesn't have to be complicated." 

That's what the founders of Altra running shoes had in mind when they launched their first shoe designed for a natural running experience. 

Check out this interview with  Steven Shorten, a senior designer for Altra running shoes. You'll learn about:

  • Altra's shoe development process
  • Steve's favorite Altra shoe currently available
  • The running shoe brand's most popular shoes
  • Insider info about the future of Altra

   👉Get Altra insider-secrets HERE

6. Asics

What's it take to run a marathon PR and finish with elite athletes?

Just ask Asics sponsored athlete Clayton Young.

In this interview, you'll learn about:

  • Clayton's epic finish and fast pace at the Chicago Marathon
  • Going from college athlete to professional runner
  • Clayton's top Asics picks for training, racing and everything else
  • Wear testing Asics prototypes
  • And more

👉Get Asics insider-secrets HERE

What running shoe brands do you want to learn more about?

Share your favorites with us, and we'll track down more insider information about your favorite running shoe brands.

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I help RUNNERS reduce injuries, fix running form, run longer & faster by strength training without running ragged. I'm a NASM-certified personal trainer, and hold the record for the most finishes at the Mountain Lakes 100-Mile Ultra in Oregon.


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