10 Awesome Running Podcasts to Keep You Going (Part2)

Looking for running podcasts for motivation, training tips, and awesome stories about runners, races, and epic adventures? 
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Welcome to part two of my running podcast reviews! 

Whereas part one lists the shows whose episodes I never miss, part two consists of the podcasts I listen to every once in a while. 
🔊Grab your earbuds and phone, open a new browser, or hop in the car to listen to these running podcasts...

The Adventure Jogger

Hosts: Ryan Ploekelman and Jeff Stafford

Ryan has the voice of a man made for cheering and in this case, radio. 

  • His robust, enthusiastic voice drives the energy of the show. 
  • Based out of Tennessee, Ryan is a down-to-earth, average “jogger,” a term that may offend some runners. 

But let’s be real, all runners jog, even Courtney Daulwater (Sept. 14, 2023 episode), so ditch the ego and own it Adventure-Jogger style. 

  • The intro lays out the premise of the show with quips such as “running should be fun” and “meet fascinating runners from the front, middle and back of the pack.” 
Another Mother Runner

Hosts: Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea

When I found out that the authors of Train Like a Mother started a podcast, I had to tune in.
Fun facts...

  • Another Mother Runner has published nearly 1,000 episodes
  • On Friday nights, veteran marathon runner and mom of three hosts the show with a rotation cast of co-hosts and expert guests
  • AMR is part of a family of podcasts that also include Many Happy Miles, where AMR co-founder Dimity McDowell and Sarah Wassner Flynn, chat about epic hikes, century rides, your first brisk walk after a setback, and every other kind of activity that involves moving forward.
The Drop

Produced by Believe in the Run

Believe in the Run team members Thomas, Robbe and Meagan are road runners from Baltimore who keep it real and funny. They...

  • Run numerous marathons a year
  • Focus on road races
  • Bring in interesting guests

It’s their personalities and chemistry that keep me coming in. When a good laugh is in order, The Drop delivers.
Note: Thomas and Meagan also co-host another podcast, Fuel for the Sole, which made my first list, Running Podcast Picks: 11 Binge-Worthy Shows (Part One).

FKT Podcast

Host: Heather Anderson

The Freetrail Podcast

Host: Dylan Bowman

Dylan’s voice exudes “chill,” and makes me want to lounge around all day with a hot cup of tea. It’s a nice vibe. 
While Freetrail typically makes other media outlet’s top running podcast picks, I mostly tune in during peak race season for his interviews with:

  • Race contenders
  • Previews, and...
  • Recaps
The Hobby Jogger Podcast

Hosts: Nathan Reyes and Casey Koza

Yep, it’s our very own podcast! 
It’s brand new, and I can’t wait to watch (hear?) it grow. 

  • It’s a great way to stay connected with long distance friends, listening to them shoot the breeze about running, the one thing that brought us all together in the first place.

Produced by iRunFar

This one doesn’t have many episodes, but it does race coverage with a team of interviewees. 
Thus, I’m tuning in during peak race season to get the lowdown on:

  • Who’s who
  • Who’s winning
  • Who’s dropping, and...
  • Who’s doing inspiring and crazy things like Dakota Jones, who rode his bike 680 miles from Salt Lake City to the Western States 100 start line in 2023.
The Singletrack Podcast

Host Finn Melanson

Here’s another one that captures my attention during peak race season. 

  • The interviews tend to be short—about 20 minutes
  • So it’s easy to get through a lot of them while driving around running errands. 
The Sub Hub

Hosts: EmKay Sullivan and Dani Moreno

A podcast covering sub-ultra trail racing? 
Yes, please! 

  • I started listening when they released their inaugural episode and appreciate the respect they bring to anything under the 50k distance.
  • Running short distances as fast as you can over gnarly terrain deserves a lot more credit and awe than it gets, and Sullivan and Moreno are moving the needle in the right direction.
Women of Distance

Host: Devon Yanko

An advocate for women and a woman myself, I love a good female-centered show. 

  • Host Devon Yanko, professional ultra runner who’s been competing for decades, has won countless high profile races. 
  • She’s an idol and leader in the trail community, the perfect person to bring other women’s stories to light. 

'Listen' to these final thoughts on running podcasts

Countless running podcasts exist, with new ones being released all the time. 
I’ve barely covered the tip of the iceberg here and listen to the ones where my interests lie:

  • Trails
  • Strength training
  • Fueling
  • Physical therapy
  • Ultra
  • Motherhood…

We’re all unique in our running journeys and lives, and I’m sure you have different shows that pique your interest. 

So, tell us, what are your favorite running podcasts?

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