Running Podcast Picks: 11 Binge-Worthy Shows (Part One)

Looking for a running podcast for training tips, motivation, and a little boost to keep you going?
🎙️After listening to countless running podcasts for one full year, I’ve narrowed the list down from about 35 to these 11.
So, welcome to Running Podcasts Part 1: The 11 binge-worthy and never-miss shows that are number one in my feed and heart.

🎙️Running podcast picks: 4 criteria to make the list

How did I choose the running podcasts for this list?
I judged them based on FOUR criteria:

1️⃣ My return rate. Did I find myself playing every new episode on the release date?
2️⃣ Binging the backlog. Did I find myself listening to past episodes back-to-back for hours at a time? (side note: I work for a bike tours vacation company where much of my work involves data entry, an ideal time for long hours of podcast listening)
3️⃣Entertainment. Did the hosts make me laugh, smile or simply keep me hanging on every word?
4️⃣ Applicability. Was the information being shared applicable to my own running life? 

If the answer to those questions was a resounding YES, then the podcast became part of my regular listening rotation. 
If you're looking for a running podcast you're bound to love, check out this list in alphabetical order...

1. Between Two Pines

Two runners making a mockery of their favorite sport…why not? With fake ads, fake news, and sarcastic humor, this one is sure to make you laugh… maybe.
If you don’t get it, you won’t like it. Personally, I’m a comedy fan, so it’s a win for me.
The format...

  • They feature one guest per episode, who plays off their outrageous, yet dry and straight-faced humor. 
  • At 20 minutes or so in length, why not add a little hilarity to your life? 

Sometimes we take our running so seriously, and these guys do a great job at keeping it light and perfectly ludicrous.
Released on Oct. 19, 2023 by Ultrasignup, it’s relatively new, and I’m excited to watch it evolve. 

2. Choose Strong

Professional trail/ ultra runner Sally McCrae is an inspirational powerhouse. Mom, podcast host, author, running coach with a strength app, she is a leader you’ll want to follow (@yellowrunner).

Her accolades include: 

  • Two top 10 finishes at Western States 100
  • 2021 Badwater 135 champion
  • Winner of the 2023 grand slam of 200-mile races (Cocodona 250, Tahoe 200, Bigfoot 200 and Moab 240)

For one, Sally’s laugh is contagious, and if you love laughing as much as I do, you’ll love laughing with Sally.
The format...

  • An ads-free show centered on “choosing strong” over fears and doubts in running and life, Sally makes it clear that her podcast is NOT a runnin-only podcast and that the topics she discusses can be applied to all aspects of life. 
  • The delivery is exceptional- Sally articulates each and every word intentionally, eloquently, with passion. 

Choose Strong, in essence, is part running podcast, part philosophy, part motivational speaking - somewhat like a TED talk, while the “Coffee with Eddie & Sally” episodes feel like a casual and fun loving chit chat with two best friends. 
Favorite episodes: 

3. Fuel for the Sole

Hosts include Meaghan Murray and Thomas Neuberger with Meghann Featherstun
Believe in the Run gear, race and shoe review partners and The Drop podcast hosts Meaghan Murray and Thomas Neuberger join forces with Meghann Featherstun, sports dietician and runner, to discuss all things fueling.
The format...

  • Each episode is about 30 to 50 minutes and so unbelievably informative that I find myself scrolling way back to listen to all the old episodes. 
  • “Feathers,” as Meghann the dietitian is known, breaks down the complicated science of fueling in a succinct, easy-to-understand way.
  • She takes listener questions and digs deep into the research of current nutrition news, endurance fueling and food fads, translating it well for the layperson. 

👍What I love most about Fuel for the Sole are two things: 

  1. It shows them on video - you can see them!
  2. The outtakes - once the main show ends, get ready for laughing your butt off at the three of them laughing their butts off during the good ole bloopers. More podcasts should do bloopers.
4. Rehab for Runners

🎙️4. Rehab for Runners

Hosted by Dr. Lisa Mitro, DPT
Rehab for Runners is a useful and valuable resource when it comes to:

  • Injury prevention
  • Educating oneself on the anatomy of a runner and injury itself

The format...

  • Dr. Lisa, who posts equally applicable content on Instagram (@dr.lisa.dpt), breaks down common injuries and niggles with potential causes and how to address them. 

This podcast pairs well with your own physical therapy. 
While it should not replace one-on-one PT, it provides information and direction to problems or potential issues and gives you an idea of where to start solving them. 

5. Run to the Top

Hosted by Finn Melanson and Runners Connect coaches
The format...
Run to the Top covers a wide range of topics, like:

  • Running into your 80s and 90s
  • How to make solo runs more fun
  • Guest interviews
  • Nutrition
  • Recovery
  • Anxiety on race day
  • Visualization
  • Lots of topics specific to women runners
  • How to qualify for Boston and more

👍Some of my favorite episodes are the Underrated or Overrated, where a coach or two judges something as underrated or overrated, like recovery strategies or nutritional supplements.  
This is a coverall podcast for every single aspect of running, whether you run track, trail or roads. 

6. Strength Running

Hosted by Jason Fitzgerald
The theme of Jason’s seven-year-old podcast is strength, and it comes up in almost every episode.
Because I believe strength training is an indispensable part of a runner’s life, I am on board with his message.
And once you listen to his numerous episodes speaking to professionals in the strength and health world, you will be (hopefully), too.
The format...

  • Jason’s guests are top notch and offer simplified scientific insight about training theory and methodology for the recreational runner. 
  • I usually end up looking up featured guests and follow them on Instagram for their running-themed content. 

The ads. While there is some benefit to ads-free shows, I listen to all the many ads on Strength Running to learn about what’s available, interesting or worth trying. 
Jason describes every product in detail and offers his personal anecdotal advice. 

7. Some Work, All Play (SWAP)

Hosted by David and Megan Roche
David and Megan Roche’s book, The Happy Runner (reviewed here), is one that every runner ought to read for the pure joy it fosters in the heart.
Sorry if that last was a gag-worthy statement, but it’s true, and it’s exactly the type of thing the Roches might say.
Their podcast exudes all the love and happiness that fills the book...
But on a whole new level, because, obviously, we can HEAR it emanating from their voices! With their “woohoos!” and “huzzahs!” and rapid speaking, their excitement bursts through the speaker like your own personal cheerleaders.
Running coaches Megan and David’s enthusiasm for running, their athletes, their listeners and each other is palpable. I can’t help but smile and laugh out loud when listening to their uncensored, sometimes rated R dialogue.
Their candidness and vulnerability is what makes me love everything about SWAP.
The format...
Each episode is full to the brim with a variety of topics, like:

  • Current events
  • Research analysis and discussion
  • All things training and racing
  • With a touch of parenthood, which I greatly appreciate as a parent myself
  • They end with hot takes, listener questions and “huzzah!” 

If ever I were to hire a coach, it would be one of them. For now, though, I continue to put that money toward my two sons’ college or whatever they plan to do post-high school. 

8. Trail Runner Nation

Hosted by Don Freeman and Scott Warr
Trail Runner Nation is a classic. For years, I never missed an episode. It’s the only one I listened to for a while, until more and more running podcasts came on the scene.
While I don’t listen to it as much as I once did, I wanted to include Trail Runner Nation on this list because of my initial allegiance to it.
The format...

  • Hosts Don and Scott are average, middle-aged runners with a passion for trail running and a talent for podcasting. 
  • They are best friends who lovingly tease one another as best bros do. Their dynamic and humility keeps me coming back for me. 

In addition, their ads are what led me to my love for Janji a few years ago, Native Deodorant and Leki trail running poles.

9. Trail Running Radio

Hosted by Hannah Allgood and Ryan Thrower.
For music lovers who run, this Freetrail podcast will take you back to the radio days.
The format...

  • Think DJ/ radio host style, where Hannah and Ryan chat briefly about their weekend adventures on the trails, at races or at concerts between playing their favorite songs based on the particular theme of that episode. 
  • Ryan is a professional photographer and videographer who’s played in bands and is hilarious.
  • Hannah is a professional runner and physical therapist who specializes in working with runners and grew up in a music-loving family. 
  • Both love pop punk, as do I, and are a fun duo who keep their podcasts between about 30 and 60 minutes. 
  • They share the playlist, which always has a theme, like Hill Run Grind, Total Request, blink 182, Moody Autumn and more.

Because they release episodes on an irregular basis, it is my most anticipated podcast. I’m like a kid on Christmas when a new one pops up on my Spotify and hope they keep it up.
Thanks to Trail Running Radio, I’ve learned about new artists, have improved my Spotify “made for you” playlists because of the bands I now follow and even have an ongoing playlist of songs from their episodes, which I add to with every new episode.  
I haven’t been to a concert since having kids (my oldest is 10!!!), and they’ve inspired me to change that in 2024.

10. Trail Society

Hosted by Keely Henniger, Corrinne Malcolm and Hilary Allen
Three female runners co-hosting a podcast? Yes, please! Keely, Corinne and Hilary are smart, experienced, well-spoken leaders and professional runners who make the perfect team for discussing difficult topics.
The format...
The podcast covers a range of topics...

  • Women’s sports news, not limited to trail running
  • Current events in NCAA/ WNBA women’s basketball
  • Tennis (Serena Williams’ retirement)
  • Mountain biking and more
  • Plus current race recaps, how they’re fueling from The Feed, and more. 

The episodes then segue to the “meat and potatoes,” as they call it, which usually involves an interview with a guest on topics such as:

  • Pregnancy
  • Abortion
  • Menstruation
  • Menopause
  • Postpartum
  • Diversity and equality

It flows from news and current events, scientific studies, statistics surrounding female sports, race recaps and highlights, interviews and fun facts, including the Sports Bra, a bar that plays women’s sports on their big screens. 

11. The Trailhead

Hosted by Buzz Burrell and Corrine Malcolm
What I love most about The Trailhead Podcast podcast are the short, tailored episodes. They range from 20 to 40 minutes and flow efficiently from one section to the next.
The format...

  • First, Buzz and Corrine open with a brief welcome and overview of the episode’s outline.
  • Second, Corrine interviews someone in the running world. 
  • Third, Buzz, aka “Father of the FKT” (Fastest Known Time) answers questions from runners.

🎙️What running podcast do you listen to?

I hope this list helps you find some laugh-out-loud and inspiring running podcasts to fuel your soul, educate and entertain you, motivate you to fulfill your dreams while running for a long, healthy lifetime.
Stay tuned for part two, where I cover the podcasts that I don’t binge or listen to ALL THE TIME but are still quality and worth noting. 

Happy listening!
🎙️Got a running podcast you love to listen to that's not on this list?
Tell us about it in the comments.

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