9 Running Gear Recommendations to Help You Go the Distance

FYI... not all running gear is the same. You know, the...

  • Worn out cotton T-shirt
  • Sweatpant cutoffs
  • Old shoes that should have been retired miles ago, and...
  • Maybe a too-big-to-run-with water bottle or bounce-around hydration pack

Sure, this stuff might be functional. But it’s not the ideal running gear for comfort, performance, or PRs.

So how do you pick the running gear you need to go the distance?

Trial and error is certainly one way to learn what works and what doesn’t.

But it can cost you time and money. And there’s a better way.

Get the inside scoop on running gear others are using to finish races, crush training runs, and chase PRs.

Check out these 9 sweat-tested tips for running gear:

1. Minimalist Runner: Running with the Bare Essentials

Follow running all the way back to the beginning, and you’ll be reminded it can be a minimalist sport.

Maybe you’re not quite ready for the barefoot movement, but your jam is a minimalist approach to running.

👉 If that sounds like your thing, check out these running gear tips to keep it super simple.

2. Night Running: 5 Close-Call Lessons From An After-Dark Run

“See and be seen.” You’ve probably heard the advice before.

If you’re planning to run at night, the right running gear and lights can make a big difference.
👉 Wondering what to wear to light up your next night run? Here’s what you need to know…

3. How to Choose Running Shoes: 4 Ways to Find the Perfect Fit

Got a marathon or ultra coming up?

Or maybe you’re planning more road miles through parks and neighborhoods.

👉Check out these FOUR tips to help you pick the right shoe to go the distance.

4. Off-Road Adventures: 8 Factors to Pick Trail Running Shoes

Trail running more your thing?

Pick your favorite trail, path, or race, and let er’ rip.

But before you go, lace up the right trail shoe to run all the miles and manage technical terrain, rocks, roots, and obstacles.

👉 Here’s how to pick a trail shoe that works for you.

5. Hydration Vest Hints to Be Your Own Aid Station

You thirsty? 

Don't let that happen on a long run, or you could pay the price in the form of dehydration, cramping and fatigue.

Instead, wear a hydration vest and drink often.

If you’re gonna wear a hydration vest training, racing or any other activity that requires you to be your own aid station, the right fit and features make a huge difference.

👉 Check out these running gear tips and recommendations to pick a hydration vest for your next run or race.

6. The Fastpacker’s Running Gear Checklist

Grab your backpack and go.

If you’re thinking about cranking out some miles on your favorite trail by hiking, running, or a little of both, at warp speed, how do you pack for it?
FYI...you’re not gonna load-up a car or stuff an old-school pack with 50-pounds of gear.

👉 Fastpacking requires a more strategist and lightweight plan to go the distance. Here’s how to prepare

7. Running Socks: 4 Happy-Feet Tips to Pick the Right Pair

Going for a run?

Before you go, slip into something a little more comfortable. No, not like that.

Put on a pair of running socks designed to help you go the distance, improve performance, and keep your feet happy for miles.

👉 Here’s what makes running socks different from old-school tube socks.

8. Running Shorts: One Runner's (Almost) Butt-Naked Discovery

You know those cut-off sweatpants turned into shorts?

They might work for a short gym session or easy workout.

But if you’re looking for shorts to add a whole new level of comfort to your next run, it’s time to rethink your running shorts choices.
👉 Check out these running shorts picks from ultrarunner Brynn Cunningham.

9. Summer Running: 3 Must-Have Gear Essentials to Hit the Trail

Check the weather before you go for a run. We all do it.

It’s a critical piece of intel that helps you decide what to wear, what running gear you need, and what you can do without.
Summer running has its own unique requirements to help you go the distance, stay hydrated, and protect yourself from the sun.

👉 Here’s a simple checklist of summer running gear to help you run all the way past the dog days of summer.

Pick the Running Gear You Need to Keep Going

Take inventory of the running gear you have, and make a list of what you need. 

Keep in mind, running gear needs can change from season-to-season, based on where you live. 

Invest a little in the right shoes, clothes, and gear, and you’ll be set to run all the miles.

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