Running Clubs Near Me: 5 Tips to Find a Group to Run With

Are there any running clubs near me?

Ever feel like you’re the only runner around? 

Maybe you’ve just moved to a new area. You’re on vacation. Or you’ve been running solo for a long time and DECIDE it’s time to connect with other runners.

And you’re wondering….Are there any running clubs near me?

Chances are pretty good there are. Need proof? 

  • 5K fans. An estimated 9 million people in the U.S. sign up for 5K races every year, according to a survey by Running USA. 
  • Half-marathon hustle. About 2 million people a year run a half marathon. 
  • 26.2-mile marathoners. More than 1 million tackle the 26.2-mile marathon.

With that many runners signing up for races and many more running for health and fitness, there’s an easy answer to the question: 

Are there any running clubs near me? Yes, yes there are.

Use these tips to find a group to run with:

1. Ask the Mysterious Force

Are there running clubs near me?

Chances are pretty good you’ve used Google, Alexa, Siri, Bixby, and other search engines or AI tools to help you.

You know...find a restaurant, get directions, or read reviews about running shoes, gear, or the latest movie releases.

Type it in or use voice search based on your location, like this:

Use tech tools like this: "OK Google, are there any running clubs near me?"

2. Use MeetUps to Find Local Runs & Events

Want to “meet up” for a run?

Here’s another helpful way to find “running clubs near me.”


Haven’t heard of it? MeetUp has actually been around for almost 20 years. 

And it’s a great place to find local running groups and running clubs hosting planned runs and events.

Just type in “running” + your city, and see if there’s a run that fits your schedule:

You can find a running group in hundreds of metropolitan areas with MeetUp.

3. Search RRCA for a Local Running Club

Still wrestling with the question: Are there any running clubs near me?

Road Runners Club of America is one of the best resources to find out. 

Sift through this list, and you might be surprised to find running clubs in far off places, small towns, big cities and everything in between, like the:

Fun fact...there's more than 1,500 running clubs in the U.S. that are part of Road Runners Club of America.

4. Check Your Favorite Parks & Trails

If there’s an information kiosk, you might find details about upcoming races, running clubs and events.

City and county parks and recreation departments can also connect you with local running clubs, programs, and routes you might be interested in.

Or just plan a run at a local park or trail. And when you see other runners, introduce yourself and ask about running clubs or groups in the area.

Check local parks and trails for info about running clubs, or just ask a runner the next time you're in the area.

5. Visit Running + Outdoor Gear Stores + Gyms

There’s at least one more place that can answer the question: Are there any running clubs near me?
A LOCAL RUNNING STORE or outdoor gear store...

Stop by and ask the staff if they know of any local running groups or clubs that meet in the area.

Chances are pretty good someone will have the answer. Some stores even partner with local running clubs to host weekly group runs, training workshops, and events. Local gyms might also be a hub for group runs and events. 

Looking for a running club, new routes, or a group to run with. Visit a LOCAL RUNNING STORE, retailer or gym and ask around.

Find a Running Club Near You

If you're looking for a running club or group of runners to log some miles with, train with, or team up to run a race, find a running club near you. 

Chances are pretty good you can find a local running club or someone to run with, no matter where you're at. 

What's your favorite running club or group?

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