Running Inspiration: Lead the Way as a WeeViews Rising Star

Need a little running motivation?

Ask a runner what it takes to go the distance, and you'll get fired up.

If you ask us, everyone who runs is a rock star...

  • There’s nothing more bold and brave than someone who dares to see how far their own body can take them. 
  • In the age of automated-everything, running strips away all of the mechanization that keeps us from discovering the true extent of human potential. 
  • No matter how empowering that is in the end, it’s pretty damn scary to go it alone in the moment.  

There's also a special category of runners who go the extra mile to have a positive impact on their surroundings.

This might look like…

  • Volunteering at races that didn’t make it onto your own calendar 
  • Participating in trail work days to help the landscape keep up with user traffic 
  • Organizing group runs to motivate your community 
  • And just offering a friendly smile and wave to other runners you meet along your route, because even the simplest acts of kindness make a powerful impression.

And there's at least one more thing to add to the list:

  • Sharing your personal running experience.

Running is only a solo sport if we let it be.

Running communities offer social support that can mean the difference between turning back after your first few steps and falling in love with this sport for life. But those communities won’t build themselves.

The good news is, we can all do our part to make another runner feel welcome, understood, and prepared.

All it takes is connection.

It’s true that there’s really nothing like spending time in the physical company of other runners… but if the COVID era has taught us anything, it’s that we know how to make the best of any situation. And sometimes, that means making strong connections across space and time too.

Online interaction makes it possible to connect with others no matter where we are or how we lead our lives. These days, we can find friends across the sea as well as across the street. 

Frankly, that’s why WeeViews exists...

The more connections, the better, because that’s how we grow. Trading stories and experiences with others helps us become better runners – and better people too. 

Here at WeeViews, we come together from all ends of the running world to share our stories. Each review is like a little snapshot into the life of the runner behind it. 

String together a few of those snapshots, and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what makes that runner tick and how they spend their days. 

Yes, we're really saying that a gear review or race report opens a window into your soul.

We all know that our equipment holds way more value than just another item on the shelf, and that each race contains more memories than we could ever put a price on. 

  • So how could reflections on your running experiences not shed light on who you are? 

But it takes guts to put little pieces of yourself out there like that.

  • Not every piece of gear is going to be a winner, and not every race will go according to plan. 
  • Being able to own the downs as an integral part of your running journey shows courage. 
  • On the flip side, absolutely dominating a race or finding the one shoe that fits like a Cinderella slipper takes its own bravery because joy is just as vulnerable an emotion as disappointment. 

All this to say, reviews are more than empty words just like running is more than something we do to pass the time. They both hold more meaning than that. 

"That’s why we want to reward the runners out there brave enough to put their journeys on display – from climactic ups to demoralizing downs and all the everyday business in between."

If you’ve got the grit to share your running story at every turn, knowing that it will resonate with even just one other runner out there to make their journey just a little bit easier, then we want to support you in that.

Introducing WeeViews Rising Stars...⭐🏃‍♀️⭐🏃‍♂️⭐

This program is our way of shining a light on the top contributors in our community.

From now on, everything you do on the WeeViews platform earns you stars:

  • WeeView: +2 ⭐⭐
  • Upvote on any of your published WeeViews or Full Reviews: +2 ⭐⭐
  • New Follower: +2 ⭐⭐
  • Member Shoutout: +5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Full Review: +10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Rundown Blog Contribution: +10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

👉Once you accumulate 50 stars, you’ll officially enter the ranks of the Rising Stars. Being a part of this group makes you eligible for sponsorship through WeeViews. We’ll handpick from the members of this select group to receive sponsored gear and race funds as fuel for future reviews. 

Those who shine the brightest get first dibs. 

Rising Stars: Want to catch our eye? Here’s what to focus on:

  • Go deep. Pay attention to detail. Where did those shoes feel the most comfortable or rub the wrong way? What about the race made it enjoyable, challenging, or just plain unbearable? Why will you buy that vest again or opt for something different? Get into the nitty gritty. 
  • Don’t forget Full Reviews. Regular WeeViews are great when you’re short on time or want to get straight to the point. But when you have more to say or extra advice to give, opt for a Full Review. This shows that you’ve put a lot of thought into your opinion, and gives others more information to go on.
  • Cover the spectrum. Cover a wide variety of gear and races to demonstrate your range of experience. Think shoes, socks, vests, bottles, gels, supplements, sunglasses, watches, clothes, and any style or length of race. It’s pretty hard to go wrong here, as long as running is involved. 
  • Get psyched. We all love running. Even on the days when we don’t feel like we love running… we still do. So don’t be afraid to shout it out loud! Good energy is contagious, and we want everyone to catch the running bug. Infuse your reviews with enthusiasm. 
  • Know your stuff. Shoe addict? Gel guru? Medal collector? Training pro? Show off your expertise. We’re on the lookout for those with a thorough understanding of all things training, racing, and gear. 
  • Spread the love. We love shoutouts. Tag us in your social posts, interact with our pages, and share with your friends. Every new connection expands our reach. 
  • Be you. You are your own person and your own runner. We want to hear about all the quirks that make you unique, and the gear that works (or doesn’t work) for you as an individual. Chances are, someone out there can relate to you in some way and will appreciate knowing they’re not alone. 

The best part about sponsorship through WeeViews...

You never have to choose. 

  • Traditionally, sponsorship has meant aligning with a specific brand and limiting yourself to their products alone. 
  • If you’ve found that perfect brand that always works for you, then there’s no problem with committing to them. 

But that’s not the case for everyone.

  • Many runners prefer to fill their quiver with shoes from a variety of brands, or use a few different types of gels during long runs and races for a little healthy diversity. 
  • No need to pledge allegiance to any brand in particular. We only care about your loyalty to running itself. 

Once you qualify for the Rising Stars or get selected for sponsorship...

It’s pretty easy to hold onto your spot. All we ask is that you keep up the same patterns that won us over in the first place. 

WeeViews is here for the long haul, and we’re only growing with each day… so we’re after people who are ready to stand by us along the way. Continue reviewing, interacting, and sharing. 

The WeeViews team has been testing out this program for a while now, and we’re finally ready to share it with our whole audience. 

Get to know everyone here behind the scenes to learn about the crew you’ll join when you make it to the Rising Stars...

Lucie Hanes: WeeViews Writer & Outreach Coordinator

Trail Runner, Rock Climber, WeeViews Writer & Outreach Coordinator, Sports Psychology Consultant with Inside Out Athlete

How did you first get started running? 

  • Lucie: I began running in college alongside my main sport of climbing. I wanted to explore another way to move my body and engage my mind, as well as develop more endurance for climbing. What started as a side-hustle turned into a full-blown passion for running equal to my love for climbing. I like to think that climbing gives me the chance to direct my thoughts entirely toward what’s in front of me, and running lets my mind run free. Each of them pushes me to expand my horizons in its own way. I think it’s the ideal combination for exploration, challenge, and mental + physical health. 

Describe your ideal run. 

  • Lucie: A long run on mountainous trail. 15-20 miles is my happy distance. I especially love running on crisp spring and fall mornings as the seasons are in flux, leaves are changing, and the scenery bursts with color. I shine on winding downhills, but learn from demanding climbs — so rolling terrain is my perfect middle ground for both enjoyment and growth. 

What inspires you to run?

  • Lucie: I love the feeling of self-propulsion. The idea that I can carry myself to and through remote places only accessible on foot gives me such a boost of confidence. Running humbles me and empowers me at the same time, and the lessons from that combination apply to nearly everything else in life. 

What’s your all-time favorite piece of running gear (so far)? Why? 

  • Lucie: I’m forever in love with the Altra Timp. I’m still behind by one model, but the Timp 3 is my favorite so far. It’s cushioned enough to support long training runs but light enough to keep me nimble on my feet while weaving through rocky terrain. I can get a solid 500+ miles out of each pair, which keeps both my wallet and my emotions happy… I get pretty attached to my gear and don’t like having to say goodbye. 

What’s been your favorite race so far? Why?

  • Lucie: The Leadville Silver Rush 50. All of my “firsts” in running so far have been at Leadville, and I consider it part of my extended backyard. The altitude, the challenge, the runnability, and the energy of the crowd – plus a surprisingly strong performance for my first 50 miler – make this race one to remember. 

How did you get involved with WeeViews? What’s your role on the team?

  • Lucie: I reached out to WeeViews when the platform was just getting off the ground because I was interested in being one of their first reviewers. I was able to test out the Full Review process and provide my feedback. From there, I also began to contribute my talents as a copywriter by producing the WeeViews Weekly newsletter, managing WeeViews social media pages, and writing regular content for the Rundown blog. Today, I do all of the above as well as help with industry outreach to expand the depth and breadth of the WeeViews community. 

What makes WeeViews special as a running community? 

  • Lucie: WeeViews eschews the idea that there’s any one way to be a runner. All bodies and brains are different, which means that no two people approach running in the same way or have the same needs. WeeViews support for runners that don’t necessarily fit the “mold”. At the same time, we can also help runners realize that — no matter how unique they are — they’re never alone. There’s always going to be someone else in the community that gets where you’re coming from on something or has a recommendation. I love the combination of individuality and camaraderie. 

What bright future do you envision for WeeViews? 

  • Lucie: I see WeeViews as becoming a space for runners to decide their own futures with running. If there are runners out there who don’t fit with any particular brand, or want to take their running to the next level in a different way, I can see WeeViews being a new option for that. 
Brynn Cunningham: Weeviews Writer

Trail Runner, WeeViews Writer, Yoga Instructor with Inhale, Exhale, Run

How did you first get started running?

  • Brynn: One of my earliest childhood memories is of running up a creek bed as fast as I could - I was a free range child. I got into "organized" running at age 11 when we had a fifth grade track meet. From then on, I began going on runs by myself on dirt roads and in the woods. 

Describe your ideal run. 

  • Brynn: Thick, green forest, springtime wildflowers, lots of gushing creeks and crossings, rocks, single track, good, hard climbs, some fast flats and fun downhills. 

What inspires you to run? 

  • Brynn: The way I feel before (eager), during (stoked) and after (relaxed and happy), and the community built around running. 

What’s your all-time favorite piece of running gear (so far)? 

  • Brynn: Salomon ADV Skin 8 Running Vest for women. It allows me to go for a long, long time. They unfortunately don’t make this particular model anymore. 

What’s been your favorite race so far? Why?

  • Brynn: Laurel Highlands 50k in 2020, when the postponed race date fell in late September rather than the normal second week of June. It was a sunny, dry, beautiful day, a celebration of sorts amidst the COVID pandemic, on my local trails… who could ask for more? 

How did you get involved with WeeViews? 

  • Brynn: My twin sister came across a job posting for a writer for running content and sent it to me. I’d already been writing a lot on my own running and yoga blog, and WeeViews seemed like a nice addition to the mix. 

What’s your role on the team? 

  • Brynn: Blog Writer 

What makes WeeViews special as a running community? 

  • Brynn: It is a small start-up, brand new, and I felt welcomed immediately, like a small family. 

What bright future do you envision for WeeViews? 

  • Brynn: It'd be great if WeeViews became a (runner's) household name one day as a resource that runners seek for quality stories and gear reviews.
David Moore: WeeViews Co-Founder & Business Strategist

Trail & Road Runner, WeeViews Co-Founder & Business Strategist

How did you first get started running? 

  • David: I ran a little bit in high school between playing sports but it wasn’t until about 5 years ago that I began running just to run. It started with a 5k fun run, then a handful of half marathon races and before long it was a marathon and even ultra-marathon trail running.  I still remember the day when running turned from a chore I felt I had to do to an activity I look forward to doing (most of the time). 

Describe your ideal run. 

  • David: A trail run in the rain. It engages so many extra senses. Feeling raindrops against the skin. Stomping through cold puddles. Hearing rain falling through the trees or even thunder in the sky. It is exhilarating.

What inspires you to run?

  • David: For me, running is a challenge as well as a time to disconnect. I enjoy setting personal goals in running and having something to work towards. It can also serve as a short escape from a hectic day. When I go out for a run, other things that were at the top of mind or even stressful often find a new perspective or fade into the background. 

What’s your all-time favorite piece of running gear (so far)? Why? 

  • David: HOKA Speedgoat. I first tried the Speedgoat 2. My first impression was “wow, are these shoes ugly”. But I can’t believe how comfortable they are to run on trails. And their looks have grown on me.

What’s been your favorite race so far? Why?

  • David: The Two-Hearted Trail Race. I got the chance to travel to a new place, test my limits, and run in honor of my favorite beer… Bell’s Two Hearted Ale.  

How did you get involved with WeeViews? What’s your role on the team? 

  • David: I am a co-founder of WeeViews. My current role is to plan and implement the strategic direction of the community. I work with the WeeViews team from the design and development of the website to the content that we publish on the Rundown. 

What makes WeeViews special as a running community? 

  • David: I think its authenticity is unique. WeeViews is a community of real runners, at all levels of experience, coming together and sharing what works for them. We all have our favorite gear and our favorite events. Through WeeViews, we can all help the next runner in line with a story of inspiration from our latest event, or even just a quick tip on our new gear.

What bright future do you envision for WeeViews? 

  • David: A place to go for running inspiration. A community to share and learn about running gear and events. A platform for the running community to voice to running brands what we want to see next.
Nathan Reyes - WeeViews Creative Director

Trail & Road Runner, Hiker, WeeViews Creative

How did you first get started running? 

  • Nathan: I began seriously running right around 18 years ago when a friend of mine challenged me to run a half marathon (Columbus Nationwide Marathon). It really opened the door to a whole new world of excitement and friendship through the process. I have learned so much about myself and what I'm capable of over these years. 

Describe your ideal run. 

  • Nathan: For me, an ideal run is going out on a 6-8 mile trail run through adventurous terrain with a small group of friends and then following it up with drinks and socializing.  

What inspires you to run?

  • Nathan: I get excited and inspired by an upcoming race, I am not one to run randomly, I need an upcoming distance and time to be striving for.  

What’s your all-time favorite piece of running gear (so far)? Why? 

  • Nathan: My favorite piece of gear is the Nathan hipster running belt, so simple and carries the necessities only.  

What’s been your favorite race so far? Why?

  • Nathan: Probably the Fall Running Series with Western Reserve Racing, lots of comrades and surprise challenges, perfect evening running weather and a tour of the national parks’ fun trails. 

How did you get involved with WeeViews? What’s your role on the team? 

  • Nathan: I got involved with Weeviews because I am grateful for the community and friendship that I have developed with the other team members and founders and love to be a part of something that makes me smile and keep striving to improve. Everyone at Weeviews carries that quality. My role is to promote the Weeviews name and services in whatever way moves us forward and participate in the growth of our community. 

What makes WeeViews special as a running community?  

  • Nathan: Weeviews is special to anyone who has ever been inspired by what is possible when we celebrate our own accomplishments, while bringing along others to join in the journey. 

What bright future do you envision for WeeViews? 

  • Nathan: I hope to see us become a place to learn, inspire, educate, encourage, and challenge each other, so we can become heroes and champions in our communities. 
Rob Myers - WeeViews Co-Founder

Road & Trail Runner, Biker, Boarder, WeeViews Co-Founder 

How did you first get started running? 

  • Rob: After years of a neighbor friend telling me I couldn't run a mile; I finally took the bet. He was correct. I made it about 1/2 a mile and I collapsed in a pile of anger and disappointment. Months after that,  I challenged him to a 10k race and I beat him by a lot. I was hooked.

Describe your ideal run. 

  • Rob: Trail race in the fall. Prefer the mountains.

What inspires you to run?

  • Rob: New outdoor challenges

What’s your all-time favorite piece of running gear (so far)? Why? 

  • Rob: As weird as it sounds, my head bands. When it’s soaked, you know you put in the work.

How did you get involved with WeeViews? What’s your role on the team? 

  • Rob: My good buddy David Moore. David had a fantastic vision to start a community of like-minded explorers that want to share their thoughts, gear and adventures.

What makes WeeViews special as a running community? 

  • Rob: It's a portal to share the sport we love in a way that shows the complexity and excitement of what is perceived as a simple activity.

What bright future do you envision for WeeViews? 

  • Rob: To be a one-stop-shop for all active people to learn and share.
Evan Jensen - WeeViews Editor

Trail Runner, WeeViews Editor, Running Coach

How did you first get started running? 

  • Evan: I wasn't a high school athlete. I dabbled in running. Ran some 5K fun runs, and even won a local 5K with an 18:00 PR finish. But when a college friend talked a lot of smack about running 26.2 miles at the St. George Marathon in Utah, I said, "Come on. It can't be that hard." A short time later, I ran the inagural Park City Marathon...and vomited at the end.

Describe your ideal run.

  • Evan: No rain. (I live in the Pacific Northwest where it rains about half the year). Temps around 50 degrees, so shorts and T-shirt is sufficient. Trail over road, with moderate elevation changes. And long enough to feel like a workout. My weekday runs tend to be around 6-8 miles. And my long runs...13+ miles.

What inspires you to run?

  • Evan: I love the feel-good endorphin rush. It's my favorite form of stress management to clear the mind, gain perspective, and recharge. Running marathons and ultras also serves as a reminder that we're capable of doing hard things. Plus, I want to set a good example of health and fitness for my kids.

What’s your all-time favorite piece of running gear (so far)? Why?

  • Evan: Nathan VaporAir hydration pack. I've been running marathons and ultras for about 25 years. Long enough, that in my early days of marathons only a few hydration packs existed and most were built for hikers, not runners.
  • I ran my first solo-unaided DIY 26.2-mile marathon in Rexburg, Idaho, on a Saturday on rural/country roads when I was about 22 years old. By the time I got back into town around mile 23, I was so depleted and thirsty, I hand-scooped water out of the dirtiest bathroom sink you've ever seen at the back of a convenience store.
  • A decent hydration pack with drinks and snacks would have come in handy. I've had the Nathan VaporAir for almost 10 years, 11 100-mile races, and thousands of training miles. It's showing signs of wear, but I'm reluctant to replace it.

How did you get involved with WeeViews? What’s your role on the team? 

  • Evan: I got a random email from co-founder David Moore that took me weeks to respond to. I run two businesses as a health/fitness copywriter and personal trainer/coach. Plus, I have a blended family with 7 kids, and my wife is a police officer. When we finally connected, it seemed like a perfect fit for my journalism background and running experience. I'm the editor for The Rundown. I help plan, write and manage the content that gets published every week, and chat with amazing runners, shoe designers, and athletes.

What makes WeeViews special as a running community?

  • Evan: Real reviews about running shoes, gear and races. That's the foundation of WeeViews. You ever check out reviews on other sites and raise an eyebrow about the authenticity of the review? That happens a lot. WeeViews is special because all the reviews you'll find are written by real runners & real people sharing their experience. The WeeViews community has also carved out a niche with The Rundown, with stories about runners, shoes, and races that you won't find anywhere else.

What bright future do you envision for WeeViews?

  • Evan: The WeeViews running community keeps growing. We're building connections with runners, race directors, and the experts who design running shoes and gear. Our domain authority is growing, and so is our reach. I could see WeeViews becoming a go-to source for running shoe and gear brands to get lots of user feedback about shoes and products quickly to support market research, product development, and sales.

Want to be a WeeViews Rising Star?

From now on, everything you do on the WeeViews platform earns you stars:

  • WeeView: +2 ⭐⭐
  • Upvote on any of your published WeeViews or Full Reviews: +2 ⭐⭐
  • New Follower: +2 ⭐⭐
  • Member Shoutout: +5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Full Review: +10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Rundown Blog Contribution: +10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

👉Once you accumulate 50 stars, you’ll officially enter the ranks of the Rising Stars. Being a part of this group makes you eligible for sponsorship through WeeViews. We’ll handpick from the members of this select group to receive sponsored gear and race funds as fuel for future reviews. 

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