5 Recovery Shoes to Keep Your Feet Happy After Running

Looking for recovery shoes, sandals or slides to keep your feet happy after running? 
👣Chances are pretty good you put your feet through a lot doing stuff like...

  • Running miles of single-track trail with rocks and roots
  • Pounding the pavement training for a race & pushing your limits on race day
  • Walking, hiking, hustling at the gym, or making it to bed time after being on-your-feet all day

That ever happen?
By the end of the day, your feet might be sending you a message: "We need a break."
Ready to take a load off and put your feet up?

Check out these 5 runner-tested recovery shoes from the WeeViews community.

OOFOS OOcloog Clog

When runner and rock climber Lucie Haines bruised her knee, she needed a way to lighten the load and support recovery.
And she tried a lot of quick fixes that didn't really work. Sometimes, time, is your best friend when it comes to recovery...
And a good pair of recovery shoes, like the OOFOS OOcloog Clogs.
"These OOFOS clogs are comfortable, supportive, and backed by intentional design features that take noticeable weight off of my legs and knees," says Lucie.

Lucie Hanes wears the OOFOS OOcloog Clogs.


  • Comfortable
  • Snug
  • Supportive
  • Stable


  • Full rubber exterior and interior
  • Not the most stylish
  • A bit bulky

👍Bottom Line: "These shoes are ridiculously comfortable...Every step comes with a really satisfying squish that absorbs all the force from the ground."

Hoka Ora Recovery Slides

When Colorado-based trail runner Hannah Hartzell misplaced her house slippers, she walked around on hardwood floors for weeks.
But the hard surface, combined with on-your-feet-all-day activities and plenty of running miles, started to take a toll. 

  • Her feet hurt.
  • Her slippers were MIA. 
  • She went on a mission for to find the perfect recovery slides from a long list of brands.
  • And one outperformed all the others: Hoka Ora Recovery Slides

"After six months of wearing my Hoka Ora Slides for nearly everything but running, I am pleased with the durability, comfort, and fun color options," says Hannah. 
"These slides have the signature Hoka rocker and are a very cost-effective choice as well."

When Hannah Hartzell isn't running trails in Colorado, she's probably wearing Hoka Ora Recovery Sandals.


  • Excellent cushioning and shock absorption
  • Good price point
  • Great color selection
  • Impressive durability


  • Not enough ventilation in the uppers

Bottom Line: "I authentically did my research when looking for a pair of recovery slides. I found that when it comes to comfort, durability, and style, the Oras are perfect for my needs."

Kane Revive Active Recovery Shoe

When Michigan-based marathon and ultrarunner Rachel Wierenga developed a nagging case of plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis, she knew taking care of her feet was critical.
But a pair of old recovery sandals didn't seem to be making a big enough difference.
She went in search of something better and found the Kane Revive Active Recovery Shoe.
"It's my new favorite recovery shoe," says Rachel. "They are well cushioned, supportive, breathable, and durable."
Even better...they helped her get back on track, run a half-marathon trail race, and recover faster.

The Kane Revive Active Recovery Shoe helped Michigan-based runner Rachel Wierenga heal up from plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.


  • Cushion
  • Supportive
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Reasonably priced


  • Footbed slightly uncomfortable without socks
  • Not many neutral colors to choose from

👍Bottom Line: "I have never once felt pain in my foot while wearing them," says Rachel. "Overall, I give these a 10 out of 10! If you have been looking for a good recovery shoe, give them a try."

OOFOS OOaah Recovery Slides

What would you do after a long run?
Probably eat some food. Have a cold drink. Take a shower. And then what?
Florida-based runner Shana Helms kicks off her shoes, and puts on a pair of OOFOS OOaah Recovery Slides.
"These are the best recovery slides," says Shana. 
"After a 12 mile run or any run these shoes help my feet recover for the next workout."

Shana Helms (left), says the OOFOS Ooahh Slide is the perfect recovery shoe to wear after long runs.


  • Cushioned OOfoam material to absorb impact 
  • Helps reduce stress on joints and speed recovery 
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • Sizing might be different from your typical running-shoe size
OOFOS OOlala Recovery Sandals

When Florida Natalie Sweitzer headed for for a recent run, a hip flexor was bothering her.
But after a self-assessment, it wasn't enough to keep her from going for a run, so she headed out for a 3.7 mile run. 
And something unexpected happened...

  • "I rounded the corner into the neighborhood and heard a grunting sound," says Natalie.
  • "It was a baby black bear. It scampered up a tree as I slowed to a walk. He climbed into the tree and lay on the branches, just chilling like he belonged there."
  • "No mama bear around so not sure if she dropped him off and left him or something happened to her and he’s been on his own and got lost."
  • Natalie reported the black bear to the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission. "They said he’ll be fine if he’s up in the tree."

She ran home. And picked up with an afternoon of activities with her family.
And at the end of the day, she kicked of her shoes for something more comfortable:

  • OOFAS OOlala Luxe Recovery Sandals
Natalie likes to wear the OOFOS OOlala Luxe Recovery Sandals after a run or workout


  • Soft and comfortable cushioned OOfoam material 
  • Good arch support
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • Durability issues. May wear down faster than expected.
  • Sizing might be different from your typical running-shoe size

👍Bottom Line: "I can’t imagine my day without slipping into my OOfos after a run or workout," says Natalie. "Just maybe, the reason for the company name is because your feet literally say “OOOHF OOHS!” As they feel the cushioning and gentle roll of the sole as you walk."

Do you wear recovery shoes after running?

Tell us about them in the comments or create a WeeView about your favorite recovery shoes, slides or sandals.

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