These clogs from OOFOS are proving to be an effective part of my recovery journey from a bad injury to my knee. They make a noticeable difference in my posture throughout the day, take significant weight off my joints, and help correct imbalances.
Posted Feb 19, 2023

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OOcloog Clog
  • Comfortable
  • Snug
  • Supportive
  • Stable
  • Full rubber exterior and interior
  • Not the most stylish
  • A bit bulky

OOFOS OOcloog Clog Review

I initially sought out these shoes as part of my recovery process from a stubborn injury to my knee. I sustained a bad bone bruise about two months ago that is taking it’s good sweet time to heal, and acts up in the face of impact and pressure. Needless to say, that means running has been largely off the table. But it also crops up in my daily life as I walk, move and stand during the work day. I’ve realized that switching from running to cross-training might not be enough to let it heal properly; I might also need to take measures in my life outside of training. I figured that getting more supportive lifestyle shoes would play a part in that. 

Let me preface all this with an understanding I’ve come to lately: that I am quick to dive into potential “quick fixes” in order to avoid doing the real work (in this case, practicing patience). I’ve been spending a lot of time working through this habit, and came into this OOFOS experiment with a healthy amount of skepticism. I didn’t want to fall into the “quick fix” trap again. But at the same time, I wanted to be able to incorporate smaller aids that can contribute to the bigger healing picture. 

Ultimately, I think these OOFOS clogs are helping me achieve that balance. They’re comfortable, supportive, and backed by intentional design features that take noticeable weight off of my legs and knees. And, there’s still something to be said for the placebo effect. I do think they perform their job well, but I also think that they very act of doing something about my injury—when this sort of injury generally requires the passive labor of waiting above anything else—has made me feel like I have more autonomy over my healing journey. For both the physical and mental benefits, OOFOS has earned a permanent place in my shoe rack. 


Kicking back after a workout in my OOFOS!

First of all, I can’t lie—these shoes are ridiculously comfortable. I used to get the most excited for my post-training snack when I got home…now it’s to put on my clogs (but snacks are still a close second). It’s a good thing I’m a homebody, though, because I’m not sure this specific pair would pass the “going out in public” test. More on that in the Style section below. 

But as far as comfort goes, these are top-notch. I told myself I would be keeping these as home shoes so they wouldn’t get immediately beat up or track dirt in and out of my office all the time. Nevertheless, I still find myself accidentally (or accidentally on purpose…) wearing this on errands, to the gym, and even once to the coffee shop. I just forget that they’re there, in the best way possible. They feel like an extension of my feet—if my feet were pillows instead of skin and bone, that is. Every step comes with a really satisfying squish that absorbs all the force from the ground. Other shoes have started to seem uncomfortably rigid and unresponsive in comparison. So my “house shoe” plan might not be working out. But maybe that’s just a sign that I need another pair or two.

Stability and Support

Supportive sole with a gentle curve for a stable, rocking stride.

The comfort comes mainly from the amount of support these clogs offer. I have pretty low arches, which tends to make me a little pigeon-toed, and these help boost up my inner foot so that I stand and walk with a more aligned posture. I can feel the cushion pushing up onto my arches. The cushioning makes that arch support feel comfortable rather than obtrusive; a firmer sole with the same profile would probably put too much pressure on the arch for my liking. I can also tell the difference in the angle of my foot when I stand. Barefoot, my toes point in slightly. In these shoes, they point straight ahead. 

The satisfying squish factor that I mentioned above has been the real game-changer, though. With each step, I sink down a centimeter or two into the footbed. Then, pushing back off the foot for the next step adds a bit of oomph to my stride. It creates this smooth but springy rocking motion while rolling from the heel to the forefoot. The shoe supports every segment of your stride. I really do feel like that sinking and springing sensation absorbs the force involved in pushing your foot into the ground. There’s less resistance pushing back against the foot, so it can land more smoothly. I also notice this when I’m not even walking, but just standing in one place. My calves and knees accumulate less fatigue over the course of a long work day than they do when wearing traditional shoes.


A view of the inside footbed. You can see how it widens out in the heel while narrowing in a bit at the midfoot, as well as the rubber interior that causes a slight annoyance.
Nice roomy toebox!

Honestly, the fit of these clogs live up to every runner’s dream. They’re snug in the midfoot but wide in the heel and forefoot. This gives my toes room to splay, which helps maintain good posture, but keeps my foot from slipping around in the shoe thanks to the tighter fit around the arch. This allows my foot to actually relax. In looser shoes, I find my toes contracting in an effort to keep the shoe from slipping. 

My one complaint here is the material used for the footbed. It’s made from the same rubber as the outer. I think I would have preferred an additional layer between the rubber and my foot. The sticky rubber makes bare feet feel sticky and mucky, and catches on fabric when wearing socks. Not a deal-breaker, just a slight annoyance. 


Definitely not going to grace any magazine covers anytime soon with this look. But comfort reigns supreme.

I’ll repeat: it’s a good thing that I’m such a homebody, because these shoes are not winning me any style points. That’s ok, because that’s definitely not the point. There are also plenty of other models to choose from that are more fashion-forward. These are quite clunky and bulbous. The full rubber exterior reminds me of Crocs, which I guess are back in vogue these days for some odd reason…but not in my book. Again, that’s ok by me. It’s good incentive to not wear these out and about. But if you’re looking for a pair for wearing anywhere beyond your house or the finish line of a race, you might want to opt for one of the sleeker designs instead. Just don’t judge me if I forget to swap mine out before hitting the grocery store.

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Mike Murphy This is great and very timely! I’m coming off a rough knee injury and have been looking for a good recovery shoe. I may end up with the slides, but it’s good to see someone in a similar situation who has had a good brand experience.

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