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Hey There Runners – 

We are proud to announce the launch of WeeViews. WeeViews is a savvy new micro-reviews site launched by a group of passionate runners from northeast Ohio. This community is dedicated to ideas and feedback on gear, events, and locations among members with similar interests. And - to kick things off - runners just like you are invited to become ground-level members.

We built WeeViews to highlight the importance of trust among members. We are counting on you to be the foundation of our site. Read more about our mission here on our About Page.

There are a ton of exciting things ahead for those who join now. For starters, we will be giving away prizes to Vertical Runner of Hudson & Brecksville to early members who join and create WeeViews.  Check The Rundown for how to be entered in the current contest. 

Once you’ve joined, help us perfect our platform. Follow friends, send direct messages, comment and ask questions on existing reviews and of course create your very own WeeViews. After you’ve had the time to look around, send us your thoughts in the Feedback link in our navigation bar.

The more you share the more it helps everyone in our running community. Sign up now.

Don’t forget to also follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest.

We’re proud to welcome you among the first at WeeViews. 

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(you also score chances to win gear)

WeeViews gets right to the heart of the running experience through micro-reviews on all the gear, events, gadgets, and nutrition that take us from Point A to Point B. Together we can create a database of grassroots opinions that cut through brand bias and help runners explore their options.


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