This was my first Ragnar Trail Race. It was on the Los Coyotes Reservation on November 10-11, 2023. My team and I ran, walked, laughed, shivered, cried, roasted marshmallows, ate hot Kodiak pancakes and took a bunch of pictures.
Posted Nov 12, 2023
  • Organized
  • Lots of amenities
  • Food trucks
  • Clean restroom ls
  • Wooden medals
  • Lacking trail support
  • No heaters
  • No showers
  • No discount on gear
  • Hard to travel to

Ragnar So Cal Review

This was a very technical trail race not supportive enough for beginners. Two of my teammates were injured in the course which was not cool at all.

My Ragnar team is better than your team

The team
The scenery
The glory
The gold

This was good trail race .. I think everyone should try a Ragnar Trail race at least once!! 


Abigail Lock Looks like such a fun time!

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Morristown, NJ
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Runnner yoga teacher lawyer mom of 4 wife of 1 and very tired

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