In some ways, this race is every runner's dream. It has a lot of the amenities that you don't have at other races such as real bathrooms and the race is also a good reflection of the most popular things in Chattanooga. 
Posted Oct 07, 2022
  • Real bathrooms prerace, beautiful scenery, supportive water stations, get to taste local beer afterwards
  • Last couple of years there isn't much offering in terms of food after the race

chattanooga marathon

With the Chattanooga Marathon there is something for almost everybody. Even the kids have an event they can run. If you choose to do the full weekend with both the 5K and half marathon or marathon just like any other race you could get a special price for doing that. While the 5K is flat the marathon and half marathon has a decent amount of hills, but that is just the nature of running in Chattanooga as Chattanooga is by it's very nature really mountainous. If you have friends and family who are coming to the race and are at the start/finish line there is also a market that they can attend where you will find a lot of local vendors and not just those selling racing gear. A lot of them also sell various other items such as books, jewelry, art among other things. As for the actual race, all of the stations are specially themed, which is determined by the people manning the station. Sometimes it can be after cartoon characters or other various characters in real life. As far as nutritional support you will find a lot of oranges and bannanas along the course. There have also been gels and honey stingers that seems to change from year to year. 


I have run this race every year it has been in its existence except one and thinks it is one of the more well put together races I've seen. The course has changed since it started. While it still has it's share of hills it has flattened out since it's inception. It used to start at the Tennessee Aqaurium and finish at Finley Stadium but it has since changed to both the starting and finish line appearing at Finley Stadium. The course is scenic and if you run the marathon you will get to see some of the more industrialized parts of Chattanooga such as Wheeland Foundries on the riverwalk extension and you will also get to see the number of downtown restaurants in the Chattanooga area while on the run. 


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