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Women's Saucony Triumph 20

Highly cushioned. Neutral road running shoe. Recommended for long distance

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  • bounce
  • comfortable
  • light weight
  • cramped toe box
  • excessive for shorter runs and speed work

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Comfort and cushion and spring in every step, through training miles and a 50 miler!
User uploaded image of Triumph 20

Best and favorite long distance shoe perfect for easy runs, long runs, and recovery runs. High cushion and bounce without feeling bulky or heavy.
User uploaded image of Triumph 20

The best triumph update! Cushioned, responsive, and a fun shoe. Great for long runs and easy days
User uploaded image of Triumph 20

I love these shoes! I've previously had issues with arch pain/plantar fasciitis, but once I started using these, I haven't had any problems! Lots of cushion & comfort.
User uploaded image of Triumph 20
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If you are looking for a comfortable pair of shoes for your long(er) runs, look no further. These have the bounce and support needed to keep your feet happy during longer runs. Continue Reading...
User uploaded image of Triumph 20

Lots of cushion and provide good stability! I have worn them for several long runs and have not experienced any discomfort or blisters. The shoes are also lightweight and very comfortable!

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