Ventura Marathon

The race starts in the eclectic town of Ojai, California and finishes in the vibrant beach town of Ventura. The race drops ~900 feet providing a gently downhill course that is crazy fast without the damage of ultra downhill marathons. In 2022 we were California's 3rd top Boston Marathon Qualifier.
Date:  2024-02-25
Distance:  marathon
City:  Ventura
Registration Cost:  $130
State:  CA
Hosted By:  Run Signup


One of the most beautiful marathons! You start at sunrise in an orange grove and run through incredible scenery. I saw a ton of animals as well; chickens, alpacas, horses, and even a hawk on a fence. Wonderful town as well, and great afterparty!
Posted Jan 30, 2024


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I've been running for four years and I've run 10 marathons with three more in the next three months. I've done a ton of half-...

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