Revel Big Cottonwood

One of the fastest Boston qualifier marathons in the nation. Steep downhill with a beautiful view.
Date:  2024-09-14
Distance:  Full-Marathon, Half-Marathon
City:  Salt Lake City
Registration Cost:  $125.00, $105.00
State:  UT
Hosted By:  Revel


This was my first half marathon ever and I am in love with it! Being a local, I was familiar with the views but even then it was great to be able to run down big cottonwood canyon and take on this challenge. The race is downhill! Train your quads!
Posted Apr 02, 2024


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Diogo Reis
Vineyard, Utah
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I’m an avid runner who just started running half marathons. I love all things running shoes, clothing—especially running tigh...

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