Port Jervis Stone Challenge 2

What is the Stone Challenge? The Stone Challenge is a test of strength and endurance in which you'll come to the mountain with a stone of your choice. Starting at the top of Point Peter, overlooking Port Jervis, you'll run down the mountain to retrieve your stone. Once acquired, you'll begin the difficult journey back to the top. The Stone Challenge isn’t meant to be easy. It’s meant to be conquered. THE CHALLENGE is 2.4 miles starting at the top of Point Peter. At the start, you'll have a 1.2 mile run down the mountain to your stone, then a 1.2 mile march back up the mountain while carrying your stone with nothing but your bare hands and the determination to be victorious. Want a tougher challenge? Then THE PROVOCATION is for you. This race is 4.5 miles through tougher trails, designed to test your true determination and grit.
Date:  2021-03-13
Distance:  2.4, 4.5
City:  Port Jervis
Registration Cost:  $40
State:  NY
Hosted By:  N/A
User uploaded image of Port Jervis Stone Challenge 2