Achilles Nashville Hope & Possibility 5-miler and 1 mile

U-Haul Presents Achilles Nashville 8th Annual Hope & Possibility® Race and the U-Haul Keep It Moving Challenge (NJ, CT, Nashville) Join us as we come together to celebrate hope! With hope anything is possible! Hope & Possibility® (founded in 2003 by Trisha Meili, author of I Am the Central Park Jogger, A Story of Hope and Possibility) is the signature race of Achilles. The Hope & Possibility® Race, welcomes athletes of all abilities, from elite runners to walkers to wheelers. This race is founded on the belief that sports competitions, such as running races, unite people of all abilities, all colors, and all backgrounds, an important belief for today’s times. In Achilles, athletes with disabilities can walk, run, or roll (e.g., wheelchair, handcycle, walker) to participate in running activities or events in order to promote personal achievement, healthy living, and active lifestyles. Since its founding in 2012, Achilles Nashville has empowered over 300 athletes with disabilities to participate in mainstream running events. We celebrate and honor those who have overcome enormous challenges and will continue our work to move towards a more inclusive tomorrow. Achilles Nashville is proud to have U-Haul as the Title Sponsor for the 8th Annual Hope & Possibility® 5-Miler and 1-Miler on Saturday, September 18, and the U-Haul Keep It Moving Challenge Friday, September 17-Sunday, September 19, 2021. A summary of the race options are below: In-Person or Virtual 1-Miler or 5-Miler: In-Person: For local participants, we invite you to run in-person on Saturday, September 18 with Achilles Nashville. The 1-mile and 5-mile race begins and ends at the Richland Park Greenway at 51st Ave and Wyoming and will have a rolling start from 7-8 AM. Virtual: Run, walk, or roll anytime from Friday, September 17 to Saturday, September 19 to participate virtually. Local participants can choose from a route posted on our website or as participants outside the community choose your own route. You can submit your time for the 5-Miler virtual run only. U-Haul Keep It Moving Challenge: An additional feature of the race is the U-Haul Keep It Moving Challenge. This challenge brings together 3 of our Achilles Chapters: Connecticut, Nashville, and New Jersey. This challenge, presented by U-Haul, occurs over the course of three days with a: 5k virtual race (or in-person for local participants) with Connecticut Chapter on Friday, September 17 For more information on the Achilles Connecticut Chapter, go to 5-mile virtual race (or in-person for local participants) with Nashville Chapter on Saturday, September 18 For more information on the Achilles Nashville Chapter go to 5-mile virtual race (or in person for local participants) with New Jersey Chapter on Sunday, September 19 For more information about the NJ Achilles Chapter go to This triple challenge (13.1 miles total) can be done across three days (September 17-19) or you can do the combined challenge in one day. However you choose to do it, we celebrate the hope of our community in this virtual challenge. We triple dare you! For this triple challenge, no race results will be posted. Your personal satisfaction is enough, along with the swag (Coming soon). This year's event provides individuals with disabilities and all runners access to a mainstream sporting event &/ or virtual participation. Upon registration, participants will simply choose their distance, 1-Miler, 5-Miler, or the U-Haul Keep It Moving Challenge. Hope & Possibility® is more than just a race—it's a way to connect with one another, to unite, and celebrate through sport. Achilles Nashville is particularly proud to partner with U-Haul a leading employer of persons with disabilities in the U.S. Hope & Possibility® reflects the possibilities of what could be—a world that values all people.
Date:  2021-09-18
Distance:  5 miles, 1 mile
City:  Nashville
Registration Cost:  30, 25, 60
State:  TN
Hosted By:  Achilles International, Nashville Chpater


One of the most inspirational races in "It City". Run with adaptive runners and rollers, blind athletes, guides, and those who care deeply about them all. Compete together through one of Nashville's most beautiful greenways. A "must run" each year.
Posted Sep 24, 2021


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