Happy Trails: 40 Dirt-Tested Tips for Trail-Running Season

You ready for trail running season?

🌞The dark days of winter are behind us.
📈Temps are rising for more days of running in T-shirts and shorts.
❄️And for some, the snow has finally melted.

If you like running outside, getting to see nature up close, and churning dirt, you're probably ready for trail running season.

Maybe you even have some trail races or epic outdoor adventure on your schedule.

👉To kick off trail running season, we put together this list of 40 dirt-tested tips to help you:

  • Pick the right trail running shoes
  • Train for the ups and downs of trail running
  • Stay safe when you're outdoors
  • Get your kids in on some trail-running fun
  • And more...

Ready to hit the trails?

Here's what you need to know...


Don't leave home without a trail running first aid kit.

Trail Running Tips #1-15. Be prepared for scrapes, cuts, bites, stings, and the unexpected. Build your own portable first aid kit for trail running.

Run enough trail miles and you're bound to get beat up a little. 

Scrapes, cuts, bee stings, a nasty fall...it happens. 

⚕️In this article, you'll learn how to build a trail running first aid kit:

😲Plus You Won't Believe...the THREE first-aid-required trail running stories Brynn Cunningham shares.


Go the distance with the right trail running training and mindset.

Trail Running Tips #16-26. Ready to make the transition from road running to trail running? Here's what you need to know to start churning dirt.

Ready to make the transition from road running to trail running? 

🌳It's a different experience. 

  • There's uneven trails mixed with rocks and roots.
  • Flush toilets are rare and porta-potties or vault toiles are a big maybe.
  • Chances are pretty good you'll run slower mile splits compared to road running.
  • And you'll likely need to fuel more.

Ready to get back to trail running or want to get started?

👉DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT the list of 7 benefits of trail running in this article.


How to pick the right trail running shoes.

Trail Running Tips #27-34. Looking for a trail running shoe to help you churn dirt, navigate rocks and roots, and stay on your feet? Here's how to pick the perfect trail running shoe.

Ready for an outdoor adventure and miles of fun? 

The right trail running shoes will help you go the distance. 

But every trail running shoe is a little different when it comes to things like:

  • The upper
  • Stack height
  • Cushioning and midsole
  • Lugs and outsole
  • Breathability
  • Colorways
  • And more

🏃‍♂️What kind of trail running shoe is right for you?

👉Use these 8 tips to pick the right pair.


You can go trail running with kids. Here's how...

Trail Running Tips #35-40. Think having kids makes it too hard to go trail running? Think again. Check out these six tips to help you enjoy trail running WITH your kids.

Ever thought about trail running with kids?

You're right. You won't be running as fast or going as far, but it's totally possible to make this a win-win.

😀Take a step back from mile pace, splits, and PRs, and focus on what really matters.

👉Here are 6 trail-tested lessons to help you enjoy every mile WITH your kids.


🏃‍♀️What do you recommend for trail running season?

Share your best trail running tips for gear, shoes and training.

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