Running Sock Obsession: Peek Inside This Runner's Sock Bin

Do you have an obsession with running socks?

  • Maybe you don't. 
  • Maybe you have just the right amount of running socks to get you through the week. 
  • Maybe you don’t even think about what running socks to wear… you just pull on a random pair, and go. 
  • Then you cycle your laundry after a week of runs, and you're good.

But what if your relationship with socks isn't quite that simple? 

If you're anything like me, you might have a running sock obsession. 

Take This Simple Running Socks Quiz

Just answer YES or NO to each statement:

How did you do?

If you answered YES to one or more of these statements, you probably have a running sock obsession, like me.

Take a peek inside my running socks collection, and I'll show you:

  • An unconventional way to organize your running socks
  • How to keep up with laundry so you always have running socks
  • Ways to choose running socks based on weather, events, types of runs, mood, etc.
  • How to enjoy every run a little more with running socks you love
How many running socks can ONE runner have?

The way you organize running socks makes a difference

Some people have a running socks drawer. I happen to have a bin that I use to hold my wide variety of running socks. 

I like it because it offers the opportunity to quickly dump the entire contents out when...

  • I’m doing a specific run in specific temperature
  • I'm in need of a certain color or certain match
  • I’m about to get muddy
  • I just want my lucky race day socks

On any given day you may walk into my closet and find that the bin is just permanently dumped out.  

And sadly, when I have neglected to do laundry, I'm left with the tough choice of picking from the last resort socks (not a good feeling). That ever happen to you?

So as this is still a new year with fresh goals and fresh mindset, I will broach the sock subject in order to organize my:

  • Go-to running socks
  • Old-reliable running socks
  • Trendy-head-turner running socks

I’ll try to explain my mindset for a few different types of running I do in order to tell you how I determine my socks for a run.

DISCLAIMER: If you are anything like me, this may be a fun read. If you are an ultra-serious runner more obsessed with mile pace, PRs, and finish times, than running socks, well, you may find this a seriously ridiculous read, and I would understand.  

Running socks for 'serious' exposure

So let's say I am going out for a run by myself on the bike-and-hike-black-top-metro-park trail that is near my home.

It’s the kind of path that is frequented by all types of people:

  • Walkers
  • Bikers
  • Families
  • Friends

For this type of run, I'm putting on my ‘serious runner’ look. And you should, too.

Why? In a public place like this, you can count on a few things happening when you go for a run like:

  • Run into someone you know
  • Get passed by faster runners
  • Feel like people are judging you

And you need to be prepared with the right running socks.

For this type of run, I'm going to wear my Feetures Elite Max Cushion No Show tab running socks. 

  • Great for road runs in all weather conditions.
  • Fantastic features (pun intended) like seamless toe design and wicking fibers to remove sweat.  

Not many folks will even notice them peaking out of the tops of my Brooks Ghost 13’s

But I will know that I have the premiere socks for my feet on this day, and that alone will make me more confident to stride tall and smile and wave at all who pass.

Nathan Reyes wearing Feetures Elite Max Cushion No Show Socks in Brooks Ghost 13 running shoes.

The ultimate running socks to hit the trail

The next pair I’m going to reach for will be a great looking sock that maybe no one will see during my run. 

When I trail run, I’m looking for extreme durability, along with more coverage.

That's when I grab my Darn Tough Stride Micro Crew Ultra-Lightweight Running Socks.

It's the perfect sock to traverse the rocky bramble, creek beds, and dew covered grass of the national parks I run through.
Can running socks really make that big of a difference?

Look at it this way. When I wear these socks, my ankles feeling protected, and the shade allows me to forget about any consequences of a tan line.  

But seriously, a few things that make this sock a must-have in your collection...

  • The performance fit allows for hours of no slip, no bunching, blister-free comfort
  • The merino wool is fast drying and odor resistant
  • The design is awesome. Darn Tough has some cool stripes that are fun, just in case I make an appearance at the farmers market before I head home on Saturday morning. It's a sure-fire way to at least get some compliments from the in-the-know folks who appreciate good running socks.  
  • One more thing...These will always be my go-to running socks when I take the Hoka Speed Goats out for some fresh air.
Darn Tough Stride Micro Crew Ultra-Lightweight Running Socks

Every runner needs at least ONE pair of these running socks

So I've given you my recommendation for an everyday running sock and trail running socks.

But there's another type of running sock you might want to put in your bin or drawer...

The sock with personality

I'm a fun-loving guy. I love to run in groups or in running series’ where I get to know everyone. Both are good venues to show off your running personality with your choice of running socks.

My fun and flashy running socks: The On High Sock.

Here's a few things I think you should know about this sock by On. Besides performance, they'll help you:

  • Stand out. The On High Sock running sock comes in all varieties of colors and have the “loud” look that I seek.
  • Make friends. I feel like these socks make me approachable and memorable when I make new friends and encourage old ones.
  • Boost enthusiasm. Wearing the On High Sock can even give you a boost of enthusiasm without giving up performance. 

I'm always excited to see what running socks and shoes On will come out with next! 

Here's how much I love the On High running socks: I'll wear these socks with any shoe, including some casual shoes for a night out on the town! Why not have fun and maybe have a conversation starter for fellow enthusiasts out for a little reward beer!

Nathan Reyes wears the On High Sock for running as well at working out at the gym.
You can count on the The On High Sock to support running performance, but the color options and design will also make you stand out.

Two more socks every runner should try

As I'm digging through my running socks bin trying to find a match, I realized there's at least two more running socks every runner should try.

I will never feel like I'm missing a beat when I grab my:

  1. SmartWool PhD Pro Endurance, or...
  2. Lululemon Macro pillow Ankle Sock
If you love running socks as much as Nathan Reyes, check out his number one tip below...

My very best tip for running socks...

It’s 2022 and you need to reward your feet, especially if they're taking you on some great adventures this year (like WeeViews contributor David Moore, who set a goal to run 1,200 miles).

So what's my very best tip for running socks?

  • Make sure you do your laundry more often than I do.

Make sure you do your laundry more often than I do.

—WeeViews Contributor Nathan Reyes

That way, you can always have your favorite running socks ready in a moments notice. But if laundry is at the bottom of your to-do list, stock up, sock up, and keep on running.

What are your favorite running socks? Create a WeeView to show off your favorite running socks.

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Brynn Cunningham Hahaha, this one made me smile, Nathan! Great work :) I love the disclaimer lol - fun reads are the best reads.

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