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Hoka One One - Torrent 3


The Hoka Torrent 3 has been given a substantial update with more cushion and a lower stack height.
Posted Sep 16, 2023

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Torrent 3
  • Light
  • Durable
  • Fits well
  • Might not be suitable for ultra marathons

Hoka One One Torrent 3 Review

For trail running enthusiasts, the Hoka Torrent 3 is a shoe that promises to elevate your trail adventures. It combines comfort, performance, and durability to help you conquer even the most challenging terrains. It has been a significant update to the previous version. 

The Hoka Torrent and the Hoka Zinal were almost identical shoes for a while. They weren't too different, and Hoka doesn't need two similar models. I swear I could have ran with one on one foot and the other on another. This year the Hoka Torrent 3 and the Hoka Zinal 2 have gone their separate ways, and there are clear reasons to purchase one over the other.

Weight: 8.7 oz
Heel to Toe Drop: 5 mm
Price: $130


The Hoka Torrent 3 begins with its comfortable fit and well-designed upper. It's made from a single-layer mesh upper with 35% recycled polyester. I love that brands, especially Hoka, are starting to use recycled and sustainable materials in their shoes. 

A quick list of the recycled contents in the Hoka Torrent 3: 

  • 100% recycled tongue mesh, collar and tongue lining
  • 40% recycled eyestay lining
  • 100% recycled sockliner
  • 87% recycled strobel board
  • 100% recycled laces (excluding aglet)

The upper is lightweight and breathable, and the ventilation keeps your feet calm. I've used the Hoka Torrent 3 on several runs in the Mojave Desert with no issues of my feet overheating.

The padding around the collar and tongue adds an extra layer of comfort, effectively reducing the risk of discomfort or blisters. I appreciate the extra padding because I've run in some Hoka shoes with thin heel collars, and it's caused my ankles to bleed.

The best-running shoe uppers disappear off your feet, and I've found the Hoka Torrent 3 to do just that. No hot spots exist, and you don't have to worry about your feet overheating. I usually wear running shoes between a woman's size 10-11 wide and have found the size 11 to fit well.

Hoka Torrent 3 Ride:

The Hoka Torrent 3 ride has been significantly updated. It now has a lower stack height to feel the ground more. The men's stack height comes in at 23/18, and the women's comes in at 21/16. In a running world where most brands are going for higher stack height, it's interesting they are going lower. Admittedly, I appreciate feeling the ground more with trail shoes and have found that the super high stack heights make me unstable on the trail.

The Torrent 3 features a PROFLY™ midsole cushioning that strikes a decent balance between protection and responsiveness. The Torrent used to be a more minimal trail shoe, but in the third version, Hoka has added some (very welcomed) cushioning. In the second version, you would feel jagged rocks under your feet, and you don't think that as much (really not at all) in the third version. 

Except for the lower stack height and extra cushion, the Hoka Torrent 3 remains similar to previous versions. It's a lightweight but still cushioned trail shoe. It's not recommended to do ultras in it, but if you like a lightweight trail shoe, you might enjoy it. For me, I've run up to 15 in it (nothing more because I'm not running that far on trails). It feels good and cushioned from start to finish. Plus, with how fast it dries, it makes for a great shoe if you're running through streams. 

Durability and Traction:

One of the Torrent 3's standout features is its impressive traction and durability. For such a lightweight shoe, it's imposing how much traction it has. The multidirectional lugs on the outsole provide exceptional grip on various surfaces, from loose gravel to muddy trails. I've run up and down dunes with no issues and even through mud. It sheds mud fast. 

Regarding durability, I've found it to last an average amount for a trail shoe. I've now put about 200 miles on them without slowing down. I think it will get the entire 400 miles out of them. 

Hoka Torrent 3 Conclusion:

In conclusion, the Hoka Torrent 3 is an excellent option if you're looking for a lightweight trail shoe that can handle almost all types of trails. I haven't found a kind of trail it doesn't handle well. Pl,us at $130 it is one of the cheaper trail options right now. My only concern is for those taking it out on ultra marathon long runs as it might not have enough cushion for that. 

Who should buy the Hoka Torrent 3? If you are looking for a very light, durable trail shoe that can handle most types of trails. If you prefer a responsive shoe, this is the one for you.

Who should not buy the Hoka Torrent 3? There are better options if you are looking for a high or max cushioning trail shoe. 

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