WeeViews Ambassador

Sophia Lightener
Robbie Givens

What is it?

An Ambassador program for www.weeviews.com. WeeViews is an online reviews community focused on race and gear reviews for runners.

What do you get?

We will be supporting our Ambassadors through paid entries to running events along with free running shoes and running gear. Ambassadors will be highly visible within the WeeViews community.

What is your role?

Create reviews on running events and running gear. Share our communityand content with others in your social circles. Tell people about WeeViews!

Who do we want?

We are seeking socially active runners to be the face of our community.Ambassadors will periodically submit short micro-reviews as well as havethe ability to create more extensive review articles for our Rundown page.WeeViews is an unbiased platform and will never solicit biased feedback.We only want honest opinions. Facebook and Instagram audiences are aplus. Email info@weeviews.com to inquire.